Are you drafting applications manually?

MM is the only immigration law solution that has real automation (not what others claim).
If you are filling forms, online lodgements or VEVO searches manually, you are losing time, productivity and possibly even accuracy.

MM handles data entry quickly and accurately, completing applications from the database. MM also handles the automated recording of all relevant bodies and decision data.

The only solution with automation, from a single source of truth

Typing or copy/pasting is a thing of the past! Smart questionnaires collect relevant data through the secure, encrypted Client Portal. Once verified, that data becomes the single source of truth. MM then populates letters, department forms and over 90-online applications ensuring data consistency and integrity across the entire application without ever having to handle the data again!

PARTNER VISA form filling
average time
MM auto fill
Form 956 15 mins 5 secs
Form 80 x 2 (sometimes more) 120 mins 10 secs
VEVO search 5 mins 30 secs
Immi application 90 mins 5 mins
TOTAL 230 mins 5 mins, 45 secs

Auto-populate at supersonic speeds

Imagine the time you will save for other things when MM does the job for you. For example, a Partner Visa for 4 people requires hours of repetitive data entry increasing the risk of operator error. Let MM’s automation do the hard work while you focus on growing your business.

Automated Immi account applications

No other software can compete with MM’s automation of online applications through Immi Account.


Automated department PDF forms

Complete Department forms in seconds with our auto-form filling tools and make data entry a thing of the past.

Automated VEVO

MM automates single VEVO searches in a few clicks. For larger operations, our Batch VEVO tool performs multiple searches on as many people as required at lightning speed.


Automated AAT applications

MM automates AAT applications including visa refusals, cancellations, non-revocation of visa cancellations and more. Decision data and information on the relevant bodies is written back to the matter and recorded on file.Try doing that with any other software!

Automated skill assessments

MM collects data and automates online assessments for six of the major Skills Assessing Authorities, including Engineers Australia, CPA Australia and Australian Computer Society.


App power beats web and cloud every time

The secret to MM’s automation is in the MM App.

Web-based solutions can’t integrate with Immi Account or any other online applications. This means that data entry will still be the most time-consuming aspect of your work. That’s 100% extra work, additional time spent per application, higher labour cost to your business and a significantly higher risk of mistakes due to human error. The MM app automates online applications in minutes with your data stored and backed up safely in the MM cloud.

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