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Work from an electronic file for every matter with all information at hand and stored in one place. Emails, file notes, due dates, tasks, forms, correspondence, scans, lodgements, invoices and receipts. Save time and staff costs with increased accuracy and compliance. Migration Manager makes every aspect of migration case work faster and easier.

Migration Manager Key Features

Easy to use, Migration Manager is the most trusted and professional case management solution designed to manage your caseload more efficiently and more effectively. From organising and linking client/sponsor files, to task management, Microsoft Office integration, file notes, managing expiry dates, automated email capture/filing and much more…it brings focus and clarity to the chaos of a busy practice.

Migration Manager has a full range of performance management tools enabling you to monitor your firm’s performance at a glance. The analytics dashboard provides an easy-to-use and up-to-date reporting facility on the areas of your business that matter to you most. Easily view your caseload by matter type, keep a handle on those not-yet-converted prospects, and visually identify potential bottlenecks in your practice before they become an issue. Backing this up, MM provides a reporting tool to quickly give you the information you need in as little or as much detail as you require.

As the most powerful processing solution available to migration practitioners, MM’s core focus is to provide a professional and trusted solution capable of reducing hours of manual, repetitive work. Automating those time-consuming tasks, MM offers a clear and measurable return on investment by reducing manual processing times - enabling you to focus on growing and developing a more successful and profitable business.

Practicing in one of the more complicated areas of law requires regimented compliance with the Code of Conduct. Migration Manager has been designed and built in Australia catering directly for Australian regulations. Our onshore team of professional developers ensure that any changes in legislation are treated as high priority to provide agents and lawyers with a trusted and proven solution that can be relied upon to effectively manage your compliance requirements.

Establishing an effective means of communication with your clients can be the basis of efficient client relationship. MM’s client portal provides an online solution that enables your client to view the progress of their application, and provides a safe and secure means by which you and your client can exchange documentation – for those who prefer to reduce reliance on emails.

MM can automate singular VEVO searches at the click of a button, but it also has a “Batch VEVO” tool which enables you to perform VEVO searches on as many people as you wish. Migration Manager checks the status of a list of applicants and reports on the outcome. Furthermore, the report will detect and highlight any changes in circumstances that have occurred since you last ran a VEVO search on those individuals.

Migration Manager’s unique methods of data collection offer the most advanced solution available. MM integrates directly with your website providing you with a comprehensive initial assessment system for gathering the basic information which is key in deciding which application pathway to pursue. Using the questionnaire most applicable to their particular application will mean the minimum effort required from for your clients.

Migration Manager – with its ‘true automation’ – means the lengthy, awkward, repetitive DIBP forms are filled by MM – rather than by you or your clients. Coupled with the questionnaires, the form-filler will save hours of manual work. Changes and updates to the forms are preserved as distinct versions meaning your historical data and documents remain intact. MM ‘has your back’ in terms of it preserving your information audit trail.

Once again, ‘true automation’ means completing online lodgements automatically. Whether it be visa applications, skills assessments, health declarations, appeals, Migration Manager completes online lodgements with unrivalled speed and accuracy. This ensures data integrity and consistency with the rest of the application. Copying and pasting information or manual data entry are relics from years ago, so upgrade to first class!

Designed to increase efficiency and adhere to the financial duties set out in the Code of Conduct, MM-accounts has been designed in strict accordance with the guidelines set out in the MARA Client Monies Toolkit. From facilitating the effective management of your client and operating accounts to producing deposit requests, office receipts, invoicing and statements of service, compliance is made easy. Furthermore, the package includes an extensive array of accounting reports and visa-specific costing schedules as well as Xero-accounting integration through popular demand.

As no genuine software product can lay claim to ‘having it all’, we at Migration Manager understand that a successful practice will naturally wish to edit their documents using tools they are familiar with. For this reason, our team of Australian developers successfully integrated MM with the most widely used business favourites. Migration Manager works seamlessly with all ‘flavours’ of Microsoft Office and Office 365, Xero accounting, your ImmiAccount, Dropbox, Google Drive, Sugar Sync and a host of other popular cloud services. At Migration Manager, we give you the choice of installing within your local network or utilising our proven cloud systems to deliver MM in a way that suits your needs.

MM Templates comprises over 2,800 migration-specific document Templates authored and maintained by experts in the profession. The templates are categorised into packs, subclasses and streams and directly merge with the data on your matters. Focusing heavily on compliance, the Templates are automatically updated in accordance with new legislative and departmental changes. With the Templates package, remain focussed on growing your business instead of trying to find time to create or maintain your documents.

Applying to the AAT for a review of a decision can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. Allow Migration Manager to quickly and accurately handle the data entry of AAT forms and online lodgements directly from the database, automatically record all relevant bodies and decision data – allowing you to focus on the higher-level aspects of this work. Many of Migration Manager’s clients are longstanding agents/lawyers – many of whom are experienced in appeals. Migration Manager makes it easy to transmit the relevant information on a particular matter to another firm’s Migration Manager database. So no more sending paper files across town!

Migration Manager’s ‘true automation’ will have you lodging online VETASSESS skills assessment applications in seconds. Migration Manager integrates seamlessly with the online application forms, filling the fields directly from the database in just a few minutes.

Consistent with the theme of ‘true automation’, Migration Manager handles the automatic filling of online AFP applications. Once again, the online forms fill effortlessly from the database in a few mouse clicks.

At Migration Manager, we are conscious of the continuous and selfless work provided by those in the Humanitarian and protection-visa sectors. We aim to do our bit by providing support to those efforts where we can. Our solution assists them whether they are working in the office or working in detention centres with little or no internet connection. We provide discounted not-for-profit rates to those organisations to assist them with their terrific work. Furthermore, for the past 4 years, we have proudly sponsored the ‘John Gibson AM Award’ for the Young Australian Migration Lawyer of the Year conducted annually by the Law Council of Australia.

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Our new trust accounting module has arrived. Now with Xero integration, Migration Manager’s trust accounting and time recording offers peace of mind while managing your financial obligations.

  • Meet your trust account obligations and manage your trust account
  • Import your bank statements for easy trust account reconciliation
  • Complete your end of month process and reporting
  • Quickly send invoices, track your debtors and manage individual matters
  • Understand your staff performance

Work from anywhere with MM Cloud

With technology moving at such a fast pace, the trend of moving to cloud-based storage is as strong as ever. Migration Manager offers the best of both worlds by providing a range of online/offline storage solutions tailored specifically to your individual business needs.

More importantly, rather than losing any or all control over your documents and data; regardless of whether you go cloud or local, MM’s unique infrastructure backs everything up to your own systems from day one giving you full control of your client documents which is critical for easily accessing/editing/uploading files and effective record keeping/file management that you can rely upon.

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