Stay compliant with sponsor obligations

For businesses that sponsor overseas employees, MM can help you fly through your obligations. MM assists by automating VEVO searches on multiple employees, maintaining accurate records notifying the department of changes within the required timeframe.


Confirming ongoing work rights for staff

With MM you can ensure employees meet the Visa entitlements and requirements for their employed role, and monitor Australian work eligibility.

MM stores details of overseas worker records, visa status and permissions to run VEVO searches.
MM’s Batch VEVO search tool, enables you to perform VEVO searches on multiple visa holders in seconds making it easy to identify and report on changes to current visa status and entitlement.

MM stores current visa information/status for future reference with the ability to set related due dates, deadlines and reminders.

Keep records of nominated visa holders

Maintain records of the nomination approval, visa grant (if applicable), signed contract, position descriptions, period of employment and visa expiries.

Record details and notifications regarding changes to the business or nominated workers.

MM has tailored fields for nomination drafts, acknowledgments, decision notices, position descriptions and employment contracts.

MM contains reportable fields for position titles, ANZSCO occupations, start dates and current visa expiries for overseas workers.


Notifying the department

Sponsorship obligations include notifying the department within the required timeframe if there are any changes to the business or employee activities.

MM’s automated Email Capture system saves and stores email communications to and from the department relating to any notifiable changes. This includes:

  • sponsored employees failing to commence work
  • changes to employment arrangements, duties or working hours
  • travel reimbursement requests
  • payments for nominated workers
  • employees ceasing employment
  • changes in business activities that affect sponsorship

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