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Our mission is to provide lawyers and registered migration agents with the best productivity solution through innovative software and first-class support.


From Small Wings to Spanning The Globe

Migration Manager was released in 2005, and in just a few months moved from "spare bedroom" to leasing office space and recruiting its first employees. Today, MM's 30-strong team of talented professionals work tirelessly to deliver the best possible product and service.

Despite the product's huge success, the company's founder and CEO, Simon Fleming, maintains he "merely got things started". He attributes the success of Migration Manager to its brilliant team of professionals who understand the importance of meeting client needs. The team listens to client feedback to drive its continuous improvement and maintain its position as the most innovative software solution for the immigration law profession.


Made For Legal Practitioners

Suited to firms of all sizes, MM is a legal practice management solution with a focus on immigration law. MM is for legal practitioners and Registered Migration Agents who take security and compliance seriously.

MM is a proven and reliable system which has assisted many practitioners in the successful growth of their businesses. See our testimonials page for others' experiences with Migration Manager.


Our Leadership Team


Founder and CEO


Product Management Director


Support and Client Services Director


Sales Director


Marketing Director


Community Engagement and Client Onboarding Manager

The Migration Manager Team

Migration Manager was driven by demand for a productivity solution to assist those practicing in immigration law - one of the most complex areas of Australian law. With frequent changes in legislation, our team work tirelessly to ensure MM remains fit for purpose and the product of choice for successful practices.

The best product requires the best team. Migration Manager's team of 30+ professionals work diligently to design, create and test new concepts. We pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of service available including implementing and training new and existing clients, providing them with first class support, keeping up to date with new changes in legislation and, importantly, taking the time to listen to our clients which enables us to provide the perfect solution.

Yes, we have an awesome team, but to us they are more like family.

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