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Offering all the time saving tools you need to run a more efficient and compliant practice, Migration Manager puts you 10 steps ahead at rapid speed. Easy to use, full featured and backed by our highly experienced support and training teams, you’ll be flying in no time.


Quickly and accurately handle the completion of online lodgements from the database including the automated recording of all relevant bodies and decision data.

Form Filling

Complete Department forms in seconds with our auto-form filling tools and make data entry a thing of the past.

VEVO Search

Built into the eLodge system, the VEVO search functionality enables you to perform searches on people you have recorded in the system.

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MM provides you with a comprehensive filenotes system which includes reminders, ‘quickparts’, email options and a print version of time-stamped records.

Record Keeping and Compliance

Maintain proper records that can be made available for inspection on request by the authority including a copy of each client’s application and files containing copies of all written communication between all involved parties.

Email Capture

MM references sent and received emails based on a select number of unique identifiers and stores them in the respective client file.


Compose emails within the system to minimise search time on addresses and the risk of potential data breach.

SMS Integration

Integrating directly with a number of popular email-to-SMS services, build SMS communications using client contact details stored on file.

Analytics Dashboard

Providing quick access to a range of micro-reports, dashboards provide you with an overview of your entire caseload or per user at the various stages of the application process.


Build user defined reports from almost any piece of data recorded – providing the data you require in an easy-to-view format with the ability to export to Excel.

Information Audit Trail

Every document and piece of communication with your clients is tracked and stored on file – automatically maintaining an accurate, usable and readily accessible historical record.

Team Collaboration

Assign any aspect of your workflow to other team members for greater efficiency and team collaboration.


Integrating with a host of business favourites including Microsoft Office, Office 365, XERO accounting, a range of email-to-SMS services, video conferencing and your favourite cloud storage.


For the purpose of de-cluttering your workspace, your old matters can be marked as closed/archived – allowing you to focus on your active matters by default.


Quickly and accurately handle the completion of online lodgements from the database including the automated recording of all relevant bodies and decision data making lighter work of your AAT cases.

Matter Management

Customisable and visa-specific check lists; use ours, create your own, re-order, edit, export to other users and/or replicate across other matter types.

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