Fast migration management for agents & lawyers

Migration Manager is the market-leading case management software built for Australian immigration requirements. Designed for Australian migration agents and lawyers within solo practices or multi-person offices, Migration Manager will fly through workloads with its streamlined auto-filling and enhanced migration processing.

Made in Australia, for Australia's unique immigration needs

Migration Manager is the only purpose built software for Australian Immigration requirements, compliance with Australian requirements and MARA. We make it easy for you to always be up to date and using the latest Immigration forms and MM Templates. See how easy case management can be.

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Cloud or Local

Work wherever you are with Migration Manager's new MM Cloud. Multiple offices and staff can now work securely and seamlessly from MM-installed devices, accessing their single MM database hosted on our secure cloud server.

We have designed MM Cloud to be an easy and low-cost solution that uses the same software as the non-cloud system, and at the same price. 

All of Migration Manager's powerful features can be available to your whole team from any MM-installed computer that has a high-speed internet connection.

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over 2000 users and growing

Enhanced client management, increased accuracy and compliance with Australian requirements and competitive pricing are just a few of the many reasons why over 2000 are using Migration Manager everyday. See why so many are jumping onboard.

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Support, every step of the way

When you need assistance we make it as easy as possible. From videos, online User Manual and answers to frequent questions, to logging a request online directly from Migration Manager to speak with our expert consultants.

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