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Integrate Legal

Rita Chowdhury

Integrate Legal

"Migration Manager helps me to be more efficient and combine productivity with lifestyle."

Work Visa Lawyers

Chris Johnston

Work Visa Lawyers

"We use Migration Manager extensively in our migration law practice and we are happy to recommend it."


Crawford Yorke

Director - Australian Migration & Citizenship Services and Loughton Yorke Lawyers

"Migration Manager is by far the most superior CRM & practice management software we have used. Its use has resulted in a number of efficiencies that have improved our cash flow. The customer service, technical support and training from the MM team is superb and highly responsive. It is quite clear to us that MM is investing heavily in development as the MM system is constantly improving and evolving and the MM team is very receptive to new feature requests. We also use MM for commercial, employment and wills & estates legal matters. We highly recommend the use of MM by migration and law firms."


Kate Castriota

Bloom Migration

"As a new start-up, Migration Manager offers guidance and direction that has proved invaluable. The program has really helped my business partner and I to not become overwhelmed with the tasks required to build a migration firm. It’s freed up time to devote to other areas in demand, and once we do the due diligence with initial data entry, we can take a breath knowing we’ve reduced the risk of errors significantly when it comes to application time.

The real heroes for us are the Quality Control checklists and the support team. The support team members are knowledgeable, but most importantly, empathetic and happy to talk through a challenge or issue without you feeling like you’re being hustled off the phone to get to the next in the queue."


Nic Soltani

Principal Migration Agent - Soltani & Associates

"I come from software engineering background and know how difficult it is to build custom software that actually delivers. Since I started my practice in 2008 I have used numerous software packages, generic and specialised to manage my caseload. Migration Manager is by far the most comprehensive software package tailor made for immigration law caseload. Migration Manager has helped me save many hours of unbillable admin work and helped me reduce errors enormously. I utilise 70% of Migration Manager’s capabilities and strongly encourage all my associates to manage their caseload utilising Migration Manager.

I love Migration Manager’s proactive approach in implementing features requested by migration agents. It would be impossible to run my firm without the utilisation of Migration Manager."

McFarlane Migration Services

Johanna Macfarlane

McFarlane Migration Services

"Migration Manager has improved my efficiency tenfold. The email capture program means I can find documents/emails etc. very quickly, the templates save me heaps of time and the E-Visa program means I don’t have to fill out application forms anymore, MM does it for me! There are regular updates and improvements to the system accompanied by great communication and training to support the changes. The helpdesk is very prompt at answering my questions and queries. I tried a competitor’s software before embarking on Migration Manager but left after 6 weeks, best decision I made moving to Migration Manager."

Australian Visa Group Pty Ltd

Michelle Firth

Australian Visa Group Pty Ltd

"As the director of Australian Visa Group Pty Ltd and migration agent for 16 years, I highly recommend Migration Manager software. I could not imagine working in this industry without using this software. Manually typing online visa applications and nominations takes hours and transposition errors can occur. As a senior agent, the monthly subscription fee is easily offset by the first 2 hours of time saved. The technical support is fast and friendly resolving most issues within a few hours. I have used this package in the cloud and have no problems at all. The convenience of working from anywhere in the world has given me great work life balance whilst building a very profitable business."


Sarah Gillis

Founder & Chief Dream Weaver - Aspire Australia

"Without doubt, Migration Manager has improved efficiency within Aspire Australia’s operations over the past two years we have been using it. Bringing together all elements of our previous manual systems, MM is the hub of our client operations. From email and document retention to workflow management, and of course the super time efficiency gained with the e-lodgement platform for visas, VETASSESS and AAT portals. I am always eager to try out the new features, and feature requests are welcomed. The help desk team is very helpful and supportive. For any migration agent serious about their practice, I would highly recommend Migration Manager."


John Kavanagh

Owner - ASC Migration

"ASC Migration has been using Migration Manager since 2004 and we find it invaluable to our business. The time saved in repetitive tasking and/or form filling is fantastic. Administration costs, as a result, are greatly reduced and the integration with the eVisa program is another plus (completes application forms automatically from information you merge from the database)

Also, worth mentioning is the support provided by the MM team for when a problem occurs, which is outstanding.

Their pre-formatted templates are also brilliant, as is the accounts package integration, note recording, email merging etc. which all meet the requirements of the 'code of conduct'.

Another great feature is 'Document Requirements' (document templates) which are merged into the program when the subclass of visa your client is applying for is chosen (absolutely invaluable). (Overall, everything you need to run a successful migration agency is in one place (and I’m sure I could use many of its other features, as it seems quite larger than what we are utilising). I’d highly recommend using MM. It’s a great program."


Neville Pearsall

Now retired, ex owner Visa Pathways Australia

"As a newly registered RMA resident overseas I was looking for a simple to use but comprehensive migration record keeping and process control computer system. I initially tried to sign up with MM’s competitor in Australia, but the customer service (lack of) and willingness to deal with a client domiciled overseas proved too much for them.

From my first enquiry to MM, through installation overseas and ongoing support I have found the staff at MM to be “the best”. The product itself is everything you could ask for as an RMA."

Open Door Migration

Jacqui Ure

Principal Migration Consultant

"Open Door Migration was one of the first users of Migration Manager (MM) in Western Australia and it has been a fantastic tool for us over the years. The support we have had from MM has been excellent – and the best thing is that they have listened to requests to enhance the program and delivered so many appropriate changes that is so beneficial to our operation as Registered Migration Agents. The programs interaction with DIBP systems makes life so much easier and I expect it will get even better as the years go on. Thank you Kelly, Simon and Craig in particular for making our life easier and so much more efficient."

Down Under Visa Co

Jeff Harvie

Down Under Visa Co

"We’ve used MM since 2009. We ended up with two copies networked together. Couldn’t have survived and thrived during that time without MM as our central database for essential client information. Would have saved us hours of work every single day. And the support has always been first-class, with any issues solved quickly and professionally. Our advice? Unless you want to work with pen and paper like a primitive, get MM and use all the features, and it will be a partner to your success!"

Macmillan Global Migration

Rebecca Macmillan

Macmillan Global

"Migration Manager is a valuable asset for any migration practice. I’ve used a number of different file management programs during my career and none of them are as intuitive, or as easy to use, as Migration Manager. Migration Manager keeps files well organised and has increased my productivity tremendously."

Indo Ausie Factor

Monil Arora

Indo Ausie Factor

"I have been working in the industry for almost 10 years now. MM is the most significant tool that I have used during this time. The intuitive design and the ease of use is outstanding. The single source of truth (database) rules out almost all the possible “human error”. The speed of filling the forms/ lodging online applications is really impressive. Very Highly Recommended."

Cathryn Williams' face

Cathryn Williams

Synergy Migration

"Thanks so much for all your help. The service I received from everyone in your organisation so far has been excellent."

Visavis Group Logo

Kate Jackson

Visavis Group

"Just a quick note to say that I am madly in love with Migration Manager. It has become irreplaceable, thanks!"

Aro Visas

Helen Bell

Aro Visas

"I would like to recommend that all new Migration Agents source a Practice Ready Program that incorporates Migration Manger. Migration Manager makes the whole process easy to understand and use. Of course it takes learning the system to understand how it works, however it is much more user friendly than any other system that I encountered. In the beginning the whole client set up in the system and how the files work to even having templates that makes sense is a relief. MM includes in the system actions that is used in a practice. This is not only user friendly system, the training included and incorporated is interesting and relevant. I am confident that any new (or longer term) Migration Agent who uses this system will like it and appreciate what MM offers.

The Accounts part of the system takes the guess work out of the equation. It is brilliant and everything a Migration Agent use is in this system…especially the templates.

Well worth the outlay. Try it. Support is just a click away where your questions and concerns are sorted professionally.

MM my right hand man! "

Coral Coast Migration Service

Nick Van Voorst

Coral Coast Migration Service

"I have been using MM for 10 years and would not want to be without it. The program is constantly evolving with additional features and enhancements. It is highly customizable and the technical support is second to none."

A2Z Consult

Ahmad Shady

Director of A2Z Consult

"I can't imagine my life as a migration agent without Migration Manager. It saves my time, allowing me to do more productive things, and also protects me from human errors by filling forms and even eForms for me. It's a must-have for any RMA."


Gareth Lewis


"I subscribed to Migration Manager soon after its launch and have observed its evolution into a really great if not essential tool for any Migration Practice. Yes, Migration Manager is a wonderful document management system and offers increased efficiency but what really impresses me is Simon, Kelly and the team’s receptiveness to suggestions and dedication to constantly improving Migration Manager. "

Euro Migration Services

Anke Nagel

Euro Migration Services

"Euro Migration Services has been using Migration Manager from day one. We can’t imagine operating without it. It has helped us save countless hours with their form filling and being efficient with our client management. From humble beginnings as a sole operator to a business with several employees, Migration Manager was instrumental in achieving this growth over the last 7 years."

JT Migration Services

Julie Tariel

JT Migration Services

"As a small practice, joining LEAP has been my best investment so far. It’s save me time and the team is great: they are always prompt to solve problems in a friendly manner."

Perry Maddocks Trollope Lawyers

Kirsty Ross

Perry Maddocks Trollope Lawyers

"I am very glad I chose Migration Manager. I love it! My life is so much easier and organised. The staff are very helpful and readily available to assist."

Dr Chris White

Dr Chris White

Director of Migration Plus and ANU Lecturer in Migration Law

"Migration Plus was one of the early adopters of Migration Manager software when it was introduced many years ago. It was not long after I had given a presentation at a MIA Conference on software systems suitable for Migration Managers and there was no one system that stood out. Migration Manager came to the fore soon after and quickly took the lead.
We are a large and diverse practice and simply couldn’t practice efficiently, effectively and compliant to the Code of Conduct and best practice without it! Indeed it has contributed to our growth and productivity.
So much so that we had developed many hundreds of templates and documents internally within our practice and we agreed to share them with Migration Manager and to continue updating them for the general use of the profession with a view to lifting standards, and efficiency, across the board.
Important qualities in suppliers we work with are integrity, honesty, and fair play with all those we deal with, and we have found that with Simon and his team at Migration Manager. They work with us, almost as part of our team, constantly improving the way we do business and indeed ways you can do your business.
I am very comfortable to recommend Migration Manager as the leading software supplier to Migration Professionals in Australia!"

Bondi Migration

Brendan Muldoon

Bondi Migration

"LEAP MM has become an invaluable part of my business. I have increasingly gained benefit over the 8 years or so I have used the software, as I have learned more features and unlocked its benefits. And I`m still only using about 50% of its functions, yet the investment has paid for itself many times over. For those not tech savvy I would suggest to start with the most basic functions, for example:

  1. The questionnaire is invaluable in gathering data from a client. Especially important as clients are often anxious to get started, and the questionnaire gets them started. I find it important to always stay on the front foot with clients, which you can do if you use the LEAPMM tools.

  2. The Form filling function saves me countless hours each week, by populating each form and also ensuring the latest form changes are used.

  3. eVisa electronic application also takes a few minutes per client. Without which, Im sure would take an hour or more.

  4. The pre-formatted templates are brilliant in getting a client off to a good start with good instructions and checklists.

….LEAP MM continues to grow and invest in development…without it, my business would certainly take a step back"

Moni Limbu

Moni Limbu

Galaxy Education & Migration Services

"I cannot imagine any Migration Agent's professional life without MIGRATION MANAGER. It is such a fantastic management system which adds value to our productivity and client record keeping. I especially admire the letter templates and the regular updates coinciding with the DIBP updates if any. It is a great tool every migration agent needs to conquer. This software is perfectly tailored for our needs as migration agents. And Vineeta from LEAP MIGRATION MANAGER is a saviour! Thank you for excellent client service! "

Artem Butenko

Artem Butenko

Registered Migration Agent

"I have been introduced to LEAP Migration Manager in 2011 and I was very skeptical about it first, however these skeptical thoughts have been replaced with the absolute love of the software in days. I have been heavily using this wonderful software ever since. I have recently received a new job offer and I was surprised to find out that the firm doesn’t use it yet. It was my condition forward to employer that I would only agree to the position if LEAP is purchased as I know it can increase the productivity by up to 30%. Are you in migration law business and want to improve in your administration and organisational system? No doubt you need this software!"

Danfe Consulting

Santosh Karna

Director - Danfe Consulting

"We are a Migration Agency based in Melbourne and Sydney. Migration Manager helped us increase our efficiency and performance with the help of automation and migration specific templates. It helps us streamline our information providing access to multiple users. I highly recommend Migration Manager if you are serious about increasing efficiency and productivity for your business."

Ethos Migration

Peter Michalopoulos

Principal Migration Agent - Ethos Migration

"Since implementing Migration Manager to our practice, we have automated a wide range of our processes and have been able to achieve excellent efficiencies for our staff and clients. Outside of the software itself, the team at Migration Manger are a real stand-out. Support is there whenever you need it with delightful staff helping you through every step of the way."

Hanna Jackson Lawyers

Melinda Jackson


"Leap MM is a user friendly database which will maximise the efficiency of your migration law practice."

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