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Whether you are new to the profession or a seasoned practitioner, MM Templates reduces hours of manual work and research. Your pre-authored pack of document templates integrates directly with MM’s database. This additional service provides the necessary tools for a faster and more efficient workflow without sacrificing compliance. Adding to the Migration Manager experience, MM Templates makes your working life even easier, Upgrade to First Class.

Over 1800 Migration-Specific Document Templates

MM Templates comprise over 1800 migration-specific document Templates for instant merging with your client database. ‘MM Templates’ is authored and maintained by experts in the profession and updated accordingly with any changes in legislation or the department. The pack is divided into two types - Migrants and Sponsors; within these categories, the templates are organised into packs, subclasses and streams (if applicable) by folder/subfolder. Subscribing to MM Templates is guaranteed to save you hours of time.

Customised setup $1800
Save $400*
Reduced to $1400 when purchased with a 2 or 3 year MM plan

*$1800 when purchased at a later date.
Excludes GST.

Monthly updates
unlimited users
  • One off payment of $1800 + GST when purchased at a later date
  • $400 discount when purchased with a 2 or 3 year Migration Manager plan
  • Ongoing costs $50 per month for unlimited users
All pricing effective 31.08.23 and subject to change without notice.


Engagement letters, engagement contracts, engagement contract instructions, factsheets, VEVO consent letters, sponsor obligation letters, terms and conditions, consumer guides, quality control checklists.

Document Requests

Sponsor/nominator document requests, visa document requests, sponsor/visa document follow up requests, relationship evidence letters, health and character factsheets.

External Agencies

AFP letters, AFP applicant consent letters, overseas Police Clearance requests, Skills Assessment application letters, RCB application letters.

Sponsor & Nomination

Offer of employment, employment offer cover letters, accountant’s letter of support, cover letter for accountant’s statement, nominator’s information letters, position description letters, statutory declarations.

Client Letters

Visa document follow up requests, client review/signature requests, application confirmation, lodged visa information request, visa approval letters, visa grant feedback forms, visa refusal letters.

Sponsor Letters

Sponsor/nominator documents required follow up, sponsor/nominator signature letters, RCB lodgement confirmation letters, nomination lodgement confirmation, lodged nomination/application information requests, nomination approval letters, nomination refusal letters.

Department Letters

Sponsor/nomination application submission, visa application, sponsorship/nomination Department request response, visa request response.


Job cost time record templates, quality control checklists, skills assessment application-document review and sign-off letters, skills assessment document request/results/application letters, EOI document request/results/application letters.


Business innovation extension stream factsheets, business innovation and investment stream application letters, application for state/nomination letters, significant investor extension stream application letters.

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