Online Questionnaire

Launch into your day at supersonic speed

The online secure questionnaire can be completed by your clients from anywhere in the world using any device, launching all that critical information directly into your client file. The result is a single point of truth which is used to automate completion of forms, online applications, templated letters and email communication in seconds.

The benefits of using our questionnaire are well known to firms already using Migration Manager; increased efficiency (less unbillable hours) and greater output (more revenue).

100% Compatible with MM Client Portal

Migration Manager’s Client Portal is already the benchmark for secure communication with more than 19,000 users per month. Coupled with the online questionnaire, we provide a far more advanced method of immigration case management than any other solution. Migration Manager’s combined cloud products provide your clients with access to the most comprehensive, secure and easy-to-use system - branded as your own.

PARTNER VISA form filling
average time
MM auto fill
Form 956 15 mins 5 secs
Form 80 x 2 (sometimes more) 120 mins 10 secs
VEVO search 5 mins 30 secs
Online lodgement 90 mins 5 mins
TOTAL 230 mins 5 mins, 45 secs

Auto Populate at Supersonic Speeds

Once all client data has been collected through the online dynamic questionnaire, form-filling and online lodgements are an automated breeze. For example, a Partner Visa for 4 people usually requires pages of manual form filling, much of it repetitive information, increasing the risk of operator error. Let our automation take control while you get on with growing your business.

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