Protect your migration business. Don’t wing it.

Practicing as an immigration adviser can be tricky, especially considering the strict requirements in the OMARA Code of Conduct with risks that may affect your business or your OMARA registration.

Are you managing your caseload with a basic CRM, Excel, a web-based solution or just emails, folders and a notepad?

These aren’t obvious risks but they could be serious enough to undo everything you have worked for.

That’s why more immigration professionals choose MM over any other solution. Winging it with the wrong software just isn’t worth it.

Be sure your software won’t cost you your business. 8 hidden risks facing your business every day.

MM's legal management software powers thousands of immigration agents across Australia. Our years of experience have identified 8 major risks that undo even the most seasoned business operators.


1. Transposing client data correctly

Still drafting applications manually?

Typing or copying and pasting data carries the risk of errors which can adversely affect your client. Inaccurate data entry is on you and not your client, which can be costly to correct.

MM is the only solution capable of automating data entry using secure data collection channels - minimising the risks for you and your client and bringing unrivalled efficiency to your business.

Save time. Avoid errors.


2. Is your system secure enough?

How do you communicate with your clients, and receive information and documents?

If you’re using standard email as a means of communication, you are putting your clients at risk of identity theft.

MM provides you with a secure and easy-to-use platform for communicating with your clients. Every piece of information transferred using the secure Client Portal uses an encrypted channel with the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol. All files at rest are encrypted during storage using AES-256 standard, which is the same encryption standard used by banks to secure customer data. MM is also an ISO27001-Certified software vendor - the international standard for information security management.

Security of your clients’ data is on you.

MM is the only solution capable of automating data entry using secure data collection channels - minimising the risks for you and your client and bringing unrivalled efficiency to your business.

Save time. Avoid errors.


3. No grey areas in compliance

Immigration law is complex.

There are strict guidelines laid out in the OMARA code of conduct as well as legislation and policy that must be adhered to. As a registered Migration Agent, it is your duty to meet your obligations.

MM keeps you compliant with record keeping, accounts, date-specific requirements, all areas of client communication, and much more.

Be sure. Don’t assume.


4. Are your legal file notes legal?

Where do you keep your files notes?

All communications with the Department, third parties and clients must be legally file noted. A CRM or file note software may not be enough.

MM provides you with a comprehensive file notes system which collects and stores everything related to each matter.

It includes reminders, deadlines, integration with Outlook for appointment setting, ‘Quickparts’, email options and a print version of time-stamped records. Exactly what you need if the department comes calling.

With MM, if it’s in the matter, it’s in your legal file notes.


5. Handling client monies

Meeting your accounting obligations is important, but using the correct systems from day one is imperative.

General accounting solutions simply aren’t designed with immigration law in mind. MM’s accounting system is designed to comply with the strict regulations set out by OMARA or Trust obligations set out by the Law Society.

MM also integrates with Xero – one of the profession’s most well-known and frequently used general accounting solutions for general accounting purposes.

Money mistakes can be costly.


6. Web and 100% cloud have drawbacks

A web-based migration management solution may not be as secure as you think.

MM’s solution is App-based, not browser-based, meaning you never need to worry about browser hacks, viruses or phishing scams that can give others access to your cases and sensitive client data.

100% cloud solutions can’t integrate with Immi Account, requiring you to double handle all data by downloading, storing, copying and pasting from your cloud software to Immi Account. That’s 100% extra work and risk, with the potential for human error, data duplication and unsafe file storage. MM uses a desktop App, with all your data stored and backed up in the MM cloud. The App synchronises with Immi Account to automate your online application in minutes.


7. Are you using the right documents?

There can be over a hundred documents you need to get right when processing visa applications.

From service agreements to visa grant letters, nomination documents, police clearance requests, VEVO consent letters, and many more.

Creating these as you go can be binding. And getting legal advice for every document is costly.

MM Templates comprise over 1800 migration-specific document templates for instant merging with your client database. Authored and maintained by experts in the profession to keep your practice current with the latest legislation or Department policies and saving you countless hours of research.

Be ready to go – even for application types you encounter for the first time.


8. What happens if things go wrong?

If there is doubt about your actions, MM keeps records of all events in the application process from first contact through to decision and for 7 years beyond the date of the last action on file.

Our secure Client Portal provides an historical record of all communications with your client in one easy to access location.

If there’s ever doubt, you’ll be glad it’s there.

“I could not imagine working in this industry without using this software. Manually typing online visa applications and nominations takes hours and transposition errors can occur. As a senior agent, the monthly subscription fee is easily offset by the first 2 hours of time saved.”

Michelle Firth

Director - Australian Visa Group Pty Ltd


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