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If you work in Migration Law, you will be familiar with the dreaded task of collecting and processing client information into lodgement-ready applications. Processing data manually is an expensive way to work and giving clients the forms to complete is an easy way to collect a series of mistakes.

But Migration Manager’s new online questionnaire system provides a far more advanced method of immigration case management – resulting in greater security, efficiency and profitability per application.

See if you can stop smiling the first time you see the application auto-populate right before your eyes!

Taking the pain out of the process.

For anyone looking to migrate to Australia, the process of compiling large amounts of information and documentation into a lodgement-ready application can be awful. Whether this falls to the practitioner, or more riskily the client themselves, someone inevitably must endure hours and hours of monotonous data entry.

Nowadays, we are used to filling in online forms for everything from creating an online-shopping account to setting up internet banking. Yet something as crucial as an immigration application is still frustratingly archaic – relying on client resumes and/or the risky process of copy/paste.

Having worked closely with migration professionals for over 15 years, we understand migration law is complex. As well as keeping abreast of the strict regulations, guidelines and compliance requirements, the migration practitioner must manage the business side of the operation whilst managing client expectation (and emotion!). Sadly, the time-consuming nature of data collection and processing often eats into the amount of time available – pushing many practitioners unwittingly into the realm of poor client service.

This is where Migration Manager’s secure online questionnaire feature is the saviour of anyone battling data entry.

One source. Unlimited uses.

Migration Manager already leads the way as the industry standard and most widely-used professional case management solution in the migration profession. Purpose-built for Australian immigration requirements, its powerful features provide users with unrivalled time-saving.

Introduced back in 2012, the dynamic PDF questionnaire system greatly increased ease of use and accuracy while paving the way for timeliness and success of applications. Without Migration Manager, data needs to be re-keyed across the entire application which is time-consuming and significantly increases business costs per application.

Now, after thousands of development hours, the technology has taken the next step in creating an online questionnaire that can be completed from anywhere in the world and on any device.

Once completed, the questionnaire launches all that critical information directly into a client file, creating a single source of truth which is used to complete forms, online lodgements, letters and email communication in seconds and minutes.

10,000 weekly users just got a major boost.

Migration Manager’s Client Portal is already the benchmark for secure communications with over 10,000 global users per week. Coupled with the online questionnaires, Migration Manager opens the doors to much faster processing times for current and future applications.

Second and subsequent applications are a breeze; clients can 'top up' their information in the questionnaires – ready for the next lodgement.

Migration Manager is the only solution ever to have achieved the automation of online lodgements including AFP, VETASSESS, VEVO, Batch VEVO, AAT, Citizenship, sponsor, nomination and visa applications through ImmiAccount.

For anybody working in the immigration law space, Migration Manager’s system of online questionnaires is a must-have that makes your work easier and more profitable.


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