The Importance of Data Privacy Day!

Data Privacy Day is an international event created to raise awareness around data privacy and protection. At a time in history when so much of what we do is shared, tracked or saved online, Data Privacy Day serves as an important reminder to everyone to take the necessary steps to protect not only their own data, but also the data that others have entrusted us with.

Migration Manager is now ISO27001 Certified

As part of our ongoing commitment to protecting the data of our clients and their clients, MM has recently completed the arduous process of obtaining our ISO-27001:2013 Information Security Management certification. Obtaining this international standard certification was an entire team effort that took many months of hard work including a near week long audit by an independent third party auditor of our systems and procedures. We are very happy to report that we passed on our first attempt, which given that very few software companies have obtained an ISO-27001 certification, is no small accomplishment.

But getting certified is only the start of the journey. Each year MM will be re-audited to ensure that we continue to maintain the highest level of information security management. It is a challenge we are proud to embrace. So as we push deeper in to 2021, we encourage everyone to think carefully about what steps they are taking to improve data privacy in their business and at home.


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