Saying goodbye

to the 457

March 2018 saw an end to the well-known 457 and the introduction of Subclass 482 Temporary Skills Shortage Sponsorship and Nomination Visa. As you’d expect from the team at Migration Manager, our developers, lawyers, testers and support team promptly ceased all new development in order to focus on implementing the necessary changes to Migration Manager.

Accordingly, our most recent update relating to the TSS primarily deals with client questionnaires, visa-specific workflow, automatic form fillers but more importantly (and everyone’s favourite feature) the eLodge system. Aside from the newly introduced TSS, MM now automates more than 60 online applications including AFP, VEVO (both singular searches and batch monitoring), VETASSESS, and of course the many Nomination and Visa applications.

Those who are not familiar with the extent of Migration Manager’s coverage of these electronic processes might well ask themselves, is that it? Absolutely not. We have an exciting year lined up with a number of scheduled releases to include a host of brand new and cutting edge innovative features. With over 2000 users and growing, our clients frequently note that they couldn’t operate their practices without the use of Migration Manager.

Migration Manager’s two-minute explainer video will give you an idea of what Migration Manager can do for your business.


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