Migration Manager

and the new student visa program

As the migration profession braces itself for changes in the student visa program, it’s fair to say that numerous business processes will be subjected to some form of change. Most of those changes are well within their capabilities of adapting to…as always.

However, what if they’ve been using a software tool to manage their caseloads and process applications automatically and should they be concerned?

The good news is that the team of developers at Migration Manager based right here in Australia work closely with industry experts to ensure that departmental changes are catered for accordingly. But that’s not all; this year alone has seen the introduction of a long list of brand-new concepts designed with the time savvy professional in mind! Leading the way for Migration Software, MM saw the introduction of the online Client Portal, Xero Integration, Automated Email Capture, Batch VEVO Search and much more.

When it comes to innovation and forward thinking, the team at Migration Manager are one step ahead. Our newly released explainer video will give you everything you need to know about Migration Manager just to get you started.


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