Migration Manager

The trusted solution

At Migration Manager, we have helped hundreds of Migration agents and Lawyers develop small practices into successful businesses. Our team of Australian based developers together with experts in the migration profession provide you with the complete solution.

Trusted by over 2000 agents and lawyers, we have successfully achieved the automation of data collection, form filling and electronic lodgements. We work hard to ensure that our system takes you through the application process quickly and accurately. For more than a decade of consistent service, Migration Manager has grown to be the product of choice for leading immigration firms in the country.

Our developers are continuously working on creating new and progressive solutions that focus heavily on efficiency and accuracy to keep our agents compliant from day one. We also offer a full range of support such as problem solving, technical help, training manuals, videos, one on one training and much more.

Our team of trained Migration professionals and Migration Lawyers offer the highest level of training in the Industry. Our training focuses on how the software will assist you in running a more efficient business, achieving your objectives and getting results.

Migration firms using Migration Manager spend more time working on their business rather than working in their business. Allow us to take care of managing your processes while you take care of growing your business.


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